Our CEO:
Chris Bardouleau

Chris has more than thirty years’ experience in structured insurance and finance including positions at Barclays, Citibank and in the Channel Islands and has developed bespoke financing solutions across projects, infrastructure, corporate pensions, rescues and real estate.

FEBRUARY 2021 - UK - L&EIP Chief Executive Officer, Chris Bardouleau, wins CEO Monthly - Most Influential CEO 2021 - the United Kingdom. CEO Monthly quotes "This programme is designed to showcase and highlight exceptional individuals from across the business landscape that we believe will set the standard for 2021. Our recipients have been handpicked by CEO Monthly’s in-house research team based on comprehensive analysis and research.
Our approach provides us with candidates who are recognised purely on merit. We reward individuals who are always succeeding in their growth, improvement, and innovations across their businesses.

Representative clients have included Texaco, Marks & Spencer, Hertz, Cisco, Citrix, Siemens, Nationwide Building Society, Serco and the John Lewis Partnership.

Designed the LC insurance structure to enable minimum “A” rated counter parties to LC issuance, creating new, low cost, flexible funding markets for corporate, infrastructure, energy, real estate and innovative technology projects. Projects become pure credit risk, the project or asset risk eliminated.

Email: chrisbard@creditriskmitigation.co.uk

Our CEO by the Managing Partner of a, Lloyds of London accredited and ISO9001 certified, brokerage and risk management house.

"Mr. Bardouleau is a highly driven executive and client advocate with an in- depth knowledge of the financial risk markets and extensive working experience in this area. He has always demonstrated to me a proven ability to expand upon all existing and new client, Government and funding relationships through his excellent knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills to effectively identify all client risk investment needs and to successfully deal with them. Mr. Bardouleau enjoys a vast experience and a deep understanding of the investment process and procedures.

He is a dynamic, highly effective and focused project leader and facilitator with extensive experience working in challenging environments. In my experience Mr. Bardouleau has always addressed and solved any issues quickly and effectively to deliver funding solutions across a broad spectrum of clients, countries and industries.